Tanzanian president sacks minister for being drunk on the job | Reuters

DAR ES SALAAM Tanzania's president has sacked his home affairs minister after he turned up to parliament and answered questions while under the influence of alcohol, the presidency said late on Friday.

President John Magufuli, who took office in November, has promised to tackle corruption and inefficiency in government. He has sacked several senior officials for graft and cut spending he deemed wasteful, such as scrapping official Christmas cards.

Charles Kitwanga is the first minister to be fired since the cabinet's appointment. Analysts said his sacking came as a surprise as he was widely viewed as being close to Magufuli.

The presidential State House said in a statement Kitwanga was sacked after he "turned up drunk to parliament and responded to a question directed to the Ministry of Home Affairs while being in a drunken state."

It did not say when the episode took place.

Kitwanga had previously faced calls to quit before the incident by lawmakers who criticized his handling of the ministry. Kitwanga could not immediately be reached for comment.

Government red tape and official corruption have often been blamed Get the facts by businesses see here now for slowing down or deterring investment in the poor African nation, which has discovered offshore gas reserves that it is seeking to develop.

Magufuli has said he would impose discipline on the civil service and public institutions.

(Reporting by Fumbuka Ng'wanakilala; Editing by Edmund Blair and Elaine Hardcastle)

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Immigration: Pictures, Videos, Breaking News

My mom died from Alzheimer's disease a couple of years ago.

Before that, while we were saying the "long goodbye," I used to visit as often as possib...

Ted Lewis

Director of Human Rights programs for Global Exchange

It's up to each and every one of us to join the fight so that we can build an effective resistance against this new American nightmare.

Center for Community Change Action

Social change organization focusing on jobs and wages, retirement security, affordable housing, racial and economic justice and the barriers to employment for formerly incarcerated people

Now, in the era of Donald Trump, Democrats are wondering: Should we draw from McConnell's playbook and use every effort to block Trump's extreme platform?

Center for Community Change Action

Social change organization focusing on jobs and wages, retirement security, affordable housing, racial and economic justice and the barriers to employment for formerly incarcerated people

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By Thomas Kennedy

This Christmas season, I'll be spending my time away from work relaxing and celebrating the holidays with my parents. But for undoc...

Center for Community Change Action

Social change organization focusing on jobs and wages, retirement security, affordable housing, racial and economic justice and the barriers to employment for formerly incarcerated people

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From DREAMer to Doer

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Who could forget that famous scene in the classic flick "What's Love Got To Do With It." Iconic entertainer Tina Turner, whose birth name is Anna Mae ...

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Now that Thanksgiving is over and the holidays are coming up and everyone's back to shopping and posting cute pictures of puppies and kittens on Faceb...

Bob Weidman

Political power derives from the consent of the governed. I do not consent.

There are a number of measures that LGBT Asian Americans, South Asians, Southeast Asians, and Pacific Islanders should do to protect themselves and their families under a Trump Administration.

Glenn Magpantay

Executive Director of the National Queer Asian Pacific Islander Alliance (NQAPIA).

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The Conversation is a collaboration between editors and academics providing informed news analysis dwi first offense texas and commentary free to read and republish

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Smart Start Inc. Launches Smart Phone App for Ignition Interlock & Alcohol Monitoring Services

DALLAS--(BUSINESS WIRE)--With many states implementing strengthened DWI/DUI laws in 2012, Irving,

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systems. To provide easier access to enrollment information, Smart Start

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Smart Start has seen an increased demand nationwide in its alcohol

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interlock legislation. Recent studies and reports, such as those published

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Ignition interlocks require drivers to dwi first offense texas blow into a device to verify that

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Smart Start's new smart phone app is a resource for drivers who have

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monitoring system as a condition of their supervision.

With this new Smart Start app, anyone now has easy access to enrollment,

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center locations nationwide from an iOs or Android smart phone. The app

provides direct access to Smart Start's 24/7 bilingual customer service

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instruction on the proper use of Smart Start's alcohol monitoring

products. The app's BrAC (breath alcohol concentration) calculator

provides users an understanding of how alcohol consumption, time,

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"Since 44 percent of Americans own a smart phone,* and not

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interlock devices are designed to prevent a car from starting if a

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in many states is .02. An optional camera and/or GPS tracking are

available with the Smart Start ignition interlock systems, should the

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system, the Smart Start IN-HOM® device, which is used to monitor

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programmable test windows / periods. Smart Start's ignition interlock

and IN-HOM®

devices offer judges, probation officers, private probation

companies, attorneys and corrections agencies an affordable alternative

to transdermal monitoring or imprisonment.

Smart Start's new smart phone app was designed and created in house, and

although it is now only available for download via iOs on the iPhone,

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About Smart Start, Inc. (www.SmartStartInc.com)


Privately held, Smart Start, Inc. is a leader in alcohol monitoring

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Smart Start® saves lives by Separating Drinking From Driving®

NOTE TO EDITORS: App screen shots, product and executive photos

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Smart Start®, Separating Drinking From Driving(TM), SMART START IN-HOM®,


are registered trademarks of Smart Start, Inc.

* according to polling by Nielsen in December 2011


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