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My mom died from Alzheimer's disease a couple of years ago.

Before that, while we were saying the "long goodbye," I used to visit as often as possib...

Ted Lewis

Director of Human Rights programs for Global Exchange

It's up to each and every one of us to join the fight so that we can build an effective resistance against this new American nightmare.

Center for Community Change Action

Social change organization focusing on jobs and wages, retirement security, affordable housing, racial and economic justice and the barriers to employment for formerly incarcerated people

Now, in the era of Donald Trump, Democrats are wondering: Should we draw from McConnell's playbook and use every effort to block Trump's extreme platform?

Center for Community Change Action

Social change organization focusing on jobs and wages, retirement security, affordable housing, racial and economic justice and the barriers to employment for formerly incarcerated people

Not only will our community be better protected by having free access to immigration lawyers, but we will also save millions of dollars in costs connected to detention and deportation.

Luis F. Mancheno

Luis F. Mancheno is a Clinical Teaching Fellow at Cardozo School of Law. He was born in Quito, Ecuador and he received asylum in the US in 2009.

By Thomas Kennedy

This Christmas season, I'll be spending my time away from work relaxing and celebrating the holidays with my parents. But for undoc...

Center for Community Change Action

Social change organization focusing on jobs and wages, retirement security, affordable housing, racial and economic justice and the barriers to employment for formerly incarcerated people

Of course there are multiple dwi mri causes of any social event, but there is good evidence that the rise in nationalist populism in both Europe as well as t...

Benjamin Knoll

John Marshall Harlan Associate Professor of Politics, Centre College

While we ready ourselves to try to preserve health care access for millions, getting people covered now is not only our moral obligation but will be among our best defenses.

From DREAMer to Doer

The year is 1947.The location is a small farming town in Chihuahua, MX called Santa Rosalia de Cuevas. In this placed lived an...

Cindy Nava

Graduate student at the University of New Mexico

Every morning since the election, I have woken up, checked the dui penalties news and experienced a surreal feeling: scenes from my book, The Ones, are being report...

Who could forget that famous scene in the classic flick "What's Love Got To Do With It." Iconic entertainer Tina Turner, whose birth name is Anna Mae ...

Scattershots from around the world of religion research, with special attention to findings indicating who is more likely to be nice this holiday se...

Now that Thanksgiving is over and the holidays are coming up and everyone's back to shopping and posting cute pictures of puppies and kittens on Faceb...

Bob Weidman

Political power derives from the consent of the governed. I do not consent.

There are a number of measures that LGBT Asian Americans, South Asians, Southeast Asians, and Pacific Islanders should do to protect themselves and their families under a Trump Administration.

Glenn Magpantay

Executive Director of the National Queer Asian Pacific Islander Alliance (NQAPIA).

Last June, Armed Services Chairman and re-elected Senator of Arizona John McCain spoke truth on the Senate floor: "People are going to die . . ...

Walt Cooper

Lt. Col., U.S. Army Reserves; Chair of the International Refugee Assistance Project (IRAP); Director for Veterans Experience at V.A.

Mexico often detains Central Americans before they reach the US border, including children, like Kendri Hernandez, 3 (L) and Andri Yovani, 2. Carlos ...

The Conversation Global

The Conversation is a collaboration between editors and academics providing informed news analysis dwi first offense texas and commentary free to read and republish

The battle for Mosul is in full swing and civilians are pouring out of the city. Some 77,000 people have already fled their homes, according to the Un...

Dr Jodi Nelson

Senior Vice President, Policy and Practice, at the International Rescue Committee (IRC)

Smart Start Inc. Launches Smart Phone App for Ignition Interlock & Alcohol Monitoring Services

DALLAS--(BUSINESS WIRE)--With many states implementing strengthened DWI/DUI laws in 2012, Irving,

Texas-based Smart Start, Inc. expects to see a nationwide increase in

enrollment in its ignition interlock and IN-HOM® alcohol monitoring

systems. To provide easier access to enrollment information, Smart Start

has developed and launched a new free smart phone app that is available

for download

via the iTunes store and the Android Market. The Smart Start app

delivers product information, device training, a location finder using

Google Maps, a BrAC calculator, as well as product and enrollment

information. Privately held Smart Start is the leading provider of

alcohol monitoring systems, with more than 1,000 company-owned and franchised

service centers in the United States as well as locations in Europe,

Latin America, New Zealand and Australia.

Smart Start has seen an increased demand nationwide in its alcohol

monitoring devices as a result of states implementing new ignition

interlock legislation. Recent studies and reports, such as those published

last month by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS),

prove that state laws requiring alcohol interlock device installation in

the cars of those convicted of DUI are very successful in reducing

repeat offenders. Seventeen states now require people convicted of

driving with blood-alcohol levels over the 0.08 legal limit to install a

breath alcohol ignition interlock device (BAIID) in their vehicles.

Ignition interlocks require drivers to dwi first offense texas blow into a device to verify that

they are sober before the car can start.

Smart Start's new smart phone app is a resource for drivers who have

been convicted of driving while intoxicated (DWI), have a licensing

requirement, have been court ordered to have an ignition interlock

installed on their vehicle, or have been mandated to use a home alcohol

monitoring system as a condition of their supervision.

With this new Smart Start app, anyone now has easy access to enrollment,

device information, training videos and 1,000+ Smart Start service

center locations nationwide from an iOs or Android smart phone. The app

provides direct access to Smart Start's 24/7 bilingual customer service

center, as well as video

instruction on the proper use of Smart Start's alcohol monitoring

products. The app's BrAC (breath alcohol concentration) calculator

provides users an understanding of how alcohol consumption, time,

weight, and gender affect BAC (blood alcohol content) levels.

"Since 44 percent of Americans own a smart phone,* and not

everyone has access to a computer immediately after they've been

arrested for DWI, we feel it's important to provide easy access to

enrollment and information about our alcohol monitoring devices from a

cellular phone," said Smart Start President Jim Ballard. "The new app

will also be a useful tool for probation officers, attorneys,

law enforcement, judicial and dui first offense jail time monitoring authorities when DWI offenders

call on them for guidance regarding their mandate to install a BAIID or

IN-HOM® alcohol monitoring system."


interlock devices are designed to prevent a car from starting if a

driver who blows into it has a (BrAC) level above a certain level, which

in many states is .02. An optional camera and/or GPS tracking are

available with the Smart Start ignition interlock systems, should the

monitoring authorities deem it necessary. Smart Start also recently

introduced a portable, non-vehicle-based breath alcohol monitoring

system, the Smart Start IN-HOM® device, which is used to monitor

offenders' blood alcohol levels throughout the day via up to 10

programmable test windows / periods. Smart Start's ignition interlock

and IN-HOM®

devices offer judges, probation officers, private probation

companies, attorneys and corrections agencies an affordable alternative

to transdermal monitoring or imprisonment.

Smart Start's new smart phone app was designed and created in house, and

although it is now only available for download via iOs on the iPhone,

iPad or iPod Touch, or via the Android market, Smart Start expects to

soon make the app available to Blackberry and Windows users. Download

the app at:

About Smart Start, Inc. (


Privately held, Smart Start, Inc. is a leader in alcohol monitoring

through its ignition interlock and what can a lawyer do for a dui IN-HOM® alcohol testing devices. It

provides fully integrated services encompassing design, manufacturing,

installation, customer service, monitoring and administrative support. A

leading global supplier of alcohol monitoring devices since its creation

in 1993, Smart Start is headquartered just outside of Dallas in Irving,

Texas, and offers its services and products through more than 1,000

company-owned and franchised

locations nationwide, as well as outside the U.S. in Europe, Latin

America, New Zealand, and Australia. All Smart Start products are

designed, engineered and manufactured in the Dallas-Ft. Worth, Texas,



Smart Start® saves lives by Separating Drinking From Driving®

NOTE TO EDITORS: App screen shots, product and executive photos

available upon request.

Smart Start®, Separating Drinking From Driving(TM), SMART START IN-HOM®,


are registered trademarks of Smart Start, Inc.

* according to polling by Nielsen in December 2011

Why geniuses don't have jobs

(MoneyWatch) We have a massive problem with our employment system, which robs companies of great talent, and creates cultures of mediocrity. The problem is that we don't know how to employ geniuses.

For this blog post, I'm not defining genius as IQ, nor am I saying we're all geniuses. We're not. Thanks in part to the Steve Jobs legacy, "genius" has become synonymous with someone who is smart and able to offer out-of-the-box ideas. The inevitable conclusion is that we're all geniuses in some way.

In this piece, let's define a genius as a person with some ability that would rate a 9 or 10 on a ten-point scale. Genius usually shows up in certain contexts and not others. Someone I worked with recently discovered a gift for "inspiring small technology companies that their work, if successful, can change the world." Because genius is context-specific, the same person probably wouldn't be able to ignite the first spark of inspiration in workers at Walmart, Kaiser, or Starwood Hotels. Genius is often so narrow that it passes unidentified through competency screenings that many companies use to find "the right people."

The heart of the problem for geniuses -- people who are 9 or 10 at something -- are that they are probably a 2-3 in other areas. Joe Polish is a product marketing genius (9+), especially for items that are novel, fun, or focus on personal development. He charges people $25k to join his "25k club," and people I interviewed from this group report receiving far greater value than they give up when they write that big check. Joe is also stubborn, crass and prone to topic-jump in a way that makes it seem like he's listening to voices we can't hear. His sense of humor alone would make him unemployable in most big companies. So in terms of "playing by the rules," he's a "2" on a good day.

Joe would be a dangerous hire for a company. Yes, he's a genius in product marketing. But the chance that he'd offend someone in a conservative culture is 100% -- in the first week.

So Joe has done what geniuses do -- he went out on his own, crafted his own path, and is running his own company where he gets to make the rules. While this is the right decision for Joe, the fact that every company in the world isn't calling him for help highlights the problem.

In my consulting work, I've met three categories of geniuses.

The first type -- let's call them "gregarious geniuses" -- have an opinion about everything and don't suffer fools (and there are lots of fools in management, so they are often the power structure in companies). And in some area, they have clarity that lets them see through steel. I know gregarious geniuses that can spot a company's strategic flaw so quickly that you wonder if they've been hacking the executives' emails. And their presentation of the problem implies that everyone involved in setting the initial strategy is an idiot and we should bring back the rack as the only legitimate method of punishment for such epic stupidity. Gregarious geniuses would make ideal consultants, but are often not hired by firms or clients because they might offend someone. (Wouldn't Yahoo be in better shape if they had a few more geniuses around?) Some teach for a living, critiquing companies in the safe zone of the classroom. Others I know sit at home and watch CNBC, offering critiques that make the talking heads on that show appear to have failed basic finance. Sadly, most gregarious geniuses get fired from companies because they can't control their tongue. Many have ADHD or related problems.

The second category is the "isolated genius." They are at the opposite end of the extroversion continuum, choosing to say so little, making people wonder if they can actually talk. They are usually attracted to technical problems. They don't like teams, and they would rather do work than report on status. When they talk, they do so like an encyclopedia conveys information. Emails get no response or one-word answers. Some may have Asperger's Syndrome or social phobia. Isolated geniuses are rarely hired because they don't interview well. When they are hired, they are usually relegated to solve problems in quiet. Once the fun problems are solved, they often quit. Isolated geniuses may be quiet, but their need for a challenge should be heard as a primal scream.

The third type is the "unpredictable genius." A less kind word would be "unstable." On their good days, they seem like ideal executives -- able to take lots of views into account, plot the best course forward, and exude so much energy, the lights are brighter when they're in the room. On their bad days, they are moody, unresponsive, slow, and pessimistic. They may have bipolar disorder, or something else.

One of the trends you may have noticed is that all three types of geniuses may benefit from professional help. The connection between mental illness and crisis leadership is made in A First-Rate Madness by Nassir Ghaemi -- required reading (in my opinion) for anyone who wants to attract great talent.

So what do you do if you're one of these geniuses? Get someone else to sing your praises. I've done this for many people I've met as students, clients, or through my social tribes. The script to a potential employer goes something like this: "I have a person for you, and she's the best in the world at doing X. Off the charts in her ability. And with great ability comes oddity: Y." If the hiring manager knows the tradeoffs, they'll often do the right thing for everyone by hiring the genius, and then working to minimize the deficits, or clean up messes when they happen.

What do you do if you look at your team and crave geniuses? How do you find them? And how do you deal with inevitable problems that accompany great ability? There are "genius finders." Most aren't in business executive search, they've just build tribes of geniuses. Joe Polish is one such person. Genius finders know other genius finders, so if they can't help you, they probably know someone who can. And yes, genius finders are often geniuses themselves, with their social connections acting as a genius multiplier effect and support group in dealing with a world that understand them.

On risk mitigation, here are two suggestions:

First, have clear conversations about what is, and isn't, acceptable -- and plan to repeat that action every week or so. Many geniuses become surgeons, and are famous for throwing temper tantrums or harassing people. That's not ok -- no matter how great the ability. The cost of giving one person a free pass on the rules is to say the rules don't matter. It's also insulting to everyone else, and will drop your culture into the "my life sucks" zone on the "Tribal Leadership scale."

Second, set development goals that bring the person closer to a 4 or 5 on the ability scale in the problem areas. Many geniuses need professional advice, and managers shouldn't play amateur psychologists. Others need someone to help them develop a sense that most of us already have -- like saying inappropriate words in public needs to stop. There are training programs, books, and coaches for just about every type of problem. Overwhelm the genius with offers of help. The message has to be: We value you (the whole person, not just the ability), and we want to help you make this work.

Ever work with a genius? Or are you a genius and find it tough to put your great ability to work? If so, I hope you'll make a comment below.

Fair DUI Flyers help pass through drunk driving checkpoints

A Florida lawyer is offering what he considers a foolproof way to get through DUI checkpoints: don't say a word to police. He's distributing what he calls the Fair DUI Flyer, and his video tutorial on YouTube has been viewed more than 2 million times.

Advocacy groups like Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD), however, fear it could allow impaired drivers to bypass the law, reports CBS News correspondent Jan Crawford.

Last New Year's Eve, police waved one driver through a DUI checkpoint in Florida without even asking him to roll down his window. Warren Redlich, the man behind the wheel, believes he has found a legal loophole to dodge sobriety checks.

"What the checkpoints require is that you stop, and typically that you show the police your driver's license. You're doing that," Redlich said. "What you're not doing is going beyond what is required in a checkpoint."

Redlich said he was tired of defending people who were wrongfully arrested after going through checkpoints.

"There are genuinely drunk drivers that need to be taken off the road, but unfortunately the way the system works, a lot of innocent people get caught up in it and the idea of this is to help people protect themselves by not rolling down their window and asserting their rights," he said.

Redlich tailored his DUI flyers to the laws of 12 states so far, and now others around the country are using them and posting their videos online.

"I think you always have people trying to beat the system and push the envelope," former federal prosecutor David Weinstein said.

He said even though the flyers might hold up in court, he doesn't recommend people challenge the police at checkpoint.

"When you sign your driver's license, you're consenting to law enforcement the ability to give you both roadside tests and require you to blow in a breathalyzer, at least in the state of Florida," Weinstein said.

In 1990, the Supreme Court ruled DUI checkpoints were legal. Today, police in 38 states use them to deter drunk drivers. Studies have found that they consistently reduce alcohol related crashes by about 9 percent.

"Sobriety checkpoints and law enforcement are the key thing in stopping drunk driving," MADD president Colleen Sheehey-Church said.

Her son Dustin was killed in a drunk driving accident 10 years ago.

"Sobriety checkpoints are advertised so people know where they are," Sheehey-Church said. "They are not there necessarily there to make arrests. They're there to deter people from driving drunk."

MADD and law enforcement agencies worry that an intoxicated driver could use the flyers to avoid getting caught, but Redlich thinks that's not likely.

"Drunk people are not good at following instructions, they're not good at remaining silent, and they're not good at being patient," he said. "And all those things are required to make this work. So if you're drunk, you're probably not going to pull it off."

Redlich told us he hopes that someone hop over to here challenges the use of flyers and that it goes to court, paving the way for the Supreme Court to one day re-examine its ruling on sobriety checkpoints.

© 2015 CBS Interactive Inc. All Rights Reserved.

Bicycle Accident Lawyer by David Azizi

Bicycle accidents are usually very nasty and blood affairs. In most cases the unfortunate victim on the bicycle will be badly in need of medical treatment as well as a lawyer.

Injuries quite often sustained from such accidents are usually the kind that needs lots of pretty expensive medical treatment and equally expensive care long after. In many cases the victim could end up assault lawyer cost bed-ridden or on a wheel chair for the rest of their lives. In fact, they will be lucky to be alive. This is all because the bicycle rider tends to be more exposed and at greater risk because of various obvious reasons.

For instance, the bicycle provides no protection to the rider in case of a collision. This is why many collisions are fatal. In the event of an accident, chances are that the bicycle rider may not survive because the impact will be between the car or obstacle directly with the body of the rider. Additionally, bicycle riders are mostly caught unaware when the accident happens. Many later testify to only hearing blaring horns and screeching tires behind them.

What all this means is that a bicycle accident lawyer is necessary to ensure that the dui lawyer compensation you get covers all your expenses as well as loss of income. You can imagine how much pain a recuperating cyclist has to endure even as they seek to get the guilty party to pay for their huge losses as well as the medical bill.

For a fair look at the case, the bicycle accident lawyer can ask for pictures that were taken from the scene of the bicycle accident. Using his training and experience, the bicycle accident lawyer should then be able to re-construct the events and actions leading up to the accident and prove to the jury who is responsible and should therefore pay damages.

Excellent bicycle accident lawyers are not impossible to find.

Your business. Your life.  

Learn From Us

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