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You could say that drunk driving is an American teenager killer.

Teenage drunk driving statistics show that 60% of teenage deaths in the whole U.S. is alcohol related. In addition, 40% of all car accidents in the country involve teens.

Drunk-driving statistics show that, car accidents are the leading cause of deaths for American teens aged 15-24. The study also shows that 74 % of those car accidents involve young drivers that are not wearing seatbelts.

Clearly, something has to be done to protect not only teenagers but everyone from these accidents. Community

The community can play a big part in preventing drunk driving in the streets. There are plenty of simple actions everyone can take to protect teenagers from drunk-driving accidents.

Here are some basic tips that a community can pro-actively participate in:

o Education - The schools and the community must work hand in hand to educate people about the consequences of drunk driving. Schools can invite resource speakers including survivors of drunk driving accidents to talk to the students to give them a first-hand account of what can happen if you drive a car under the influence of alcohol.

o Alcohol free Prom - The community must be active in their children's lives. A lot of drunken driving incidents happen during prom night because of a night full of drinking. Help your children organize the after-party at one of the homes and make sure that alcohol is not available for the guests.

o Sign a contract with your child - Have an agreement with your children that whenever they will need a ride home no matter the circumstance, you will pick them up and not ask questions till a later time when he/she is more comfortable. The last thing a teenager wants is someone breathing down their neck after a bad experience. Not asking questions off the bat shows them that you respect their silence. This can increase the trust your children and you have for each other.

o Write letters to liquor stores - Remind these establishments that they also have a responsibility of not letting minors purchase alcohol from their stores. Warn them that if they continue selling to minors, they will dui lawyer be reported to the police and the community will not patronize their establishment.

o Distribute brochures - Distribute information to different establishments like stores, churches and schools about the consequences and how to prevent drunk-driving accidents.


Of course the drivers, teens or not, should also be responsible for their driving behavior. If the state had deemed you fit to be licensed as a driver then live up drunk driving videos to the standard and know when you are able to drive or not.

Here are some tips a teen driver can follow in regards to driving and drinking:

o Alcohol treatment - Once you accept that you have a problem with alcohol consumption, the next thing you can do is get treatment like medical management and psycho-social support. After getting treatment, make sure you maintain a healthy lifestyle and remain sober.

o Designated drivers - Ask a friend who does not drink to drive you home or call home to ask someone to pick you up if you know that you will be drinking.

o Leave the keys - If you know you will be drinking, leave the keys at home to prevent any temptation to drive yourself after drinking.

Those are some ways to decrease the teen drunk-driving statistics in the country. The teen must be informed of his responsibilities as a driver and the community must help in educating not just the drivers but everyone that they can either help solve the problem or they can be part of the problem.


The Severe Penalties For Dui Turned Felony Offense

Arizona is one State with strictest laws covering DUI offenders. In this state, a DUI offense can easily turn from misdemeanor to felony. The level of DUI case is not always dependent on level of blood alcohol content (BAC). There could be other aggravating factors.

Here are some of the aggravating factors.

*In Arizona, a BAC reading of 0.15 can already turn your DUI misdemeanor case into Felony Class 3.

*Third DUI offense in a span of seven-year period.

*Presence of a child under 15 years of age inside the vehicle when arrested.

Felony is indeed a great offense that is coupled with severe penalties. The consequences of conviction with any felony case can provide stigma drunk driving articles on the convicted fellow. This can affect his educational and job opportunities. If you live in Arizona, you drive and you drink, you better watch out and refrain from driving when you have tasted alcohol - even just minimal. Be on the safe side for your BAC might be over the limit.

Penalties of Dui cases whether aggravated or turned felony can be one or any of the following:

*Felony or aggravated felony will cause a person to face mandatory imprisonment.

*This case will entail higher fines. Fees to be paid to the court are also higher than any ordinary DUI misdemeanor case.

*The offender cannot drive for at least three years because his driving license is suspended.

*The DUI convict will undergo the Arizona mandatory counseling, treatment and therapy.

*After release from jail, the perpetuator will be on probation and his activities will be monitored.

This last aggravating factor, presence of a minor in the vehicle upon arrest, should be given emphasis. The minor refers to a child below 15 years old. This is an automatic felony case, regardless of whether or not you have previous DUI offense. This can be your first offense yet you will be facing the severest of penalties. The further severity of the penalty will be handed down to you once the prosecutor charges you with child abuse or child endangerment. In this circumstance, it would be very beneficial for you to hire experienced Arizona DUI lawyer.

Your simple DUI offense can give you average cost of dui lawyer disgrace because suddenly you become a criminal. This is the importance of having an experienced Arizona lawyer as counsel. Although the DUI offense cannot be dismissed, your lawyer can work for lesser penalties. Should you be a non-resident of Arizona, it is still advisable for you to hire an attorney that practices DUI cases in this state. Arizona has more strict and different laws when it comes to this type of offense.

Immigration - Illegal Immigrant Student Gets DUI, Deferred Deportation

Rigoberto Padilla has spent the past 16 years in the United States trying to avoid trouble with the law. The undocumented Mexican immigrant, 22, grew up in Chicago, attends college and dreams of being an attorney.

But on a cold January night last year, Padilla's streak of good behavior came to an abrupt end after what he calls "one serious mistake": drinking under age and then getting behind the wheel.


"I was watching the American Football Conference championship game with some friends and I drank a couple beers," he said. "I happened to have my friend driving my car. ... He lived a few blocks away from me, so he got out and I just had to drive the next few blocks."

Padilla says when he failed to make a complete stop at an intersection, a police officer pulled him over and asked for his driver's license and registration. He possessed neither since he is living in the United States illegally.

"She asked if I had drank, I said, 'Yes, a couple beers,' and that triggered my arrest," said the soft-spoken Padilla, who faced a misdemeanor charge, fine and supervised release.

The episode also caught the attention of federal immigration authorities who fast-tracked him for removal from the United States.

While Padilla did not cause any damage in the incident, which officials privately described as "minor," some critics of illegal immigration say unlicensed, uninsured immigrant drivers are making U.S. roads less safe.

It's "the drivers of cars with illegals in it that are intentionally causing accidents on the freeway," Arizona Sen. John McCain said in April.

"Illegal immigrants are driving without insurance, and it could cost you thousands of dollars" if they hit you, said William Gheen of the conservative Americans for Legal Immigration, referring to the fact that many drive uninsured.

Alleged dui lawyer price range broad links between illegal immigration and highway safety are largely unsubstantiated, however.

"Intuitively, it makes sense in that you have people that don't take driver's education," said Mark Krikorian of the Center for Immigration Studies, which favors stricter controls on immigration. "Those claims are not totally unfounded. But there is no data on illegal immigrants and highway safety or traffic accidents."

Representatives from the Auto Insurance Association, Insurance Information Institute and Insurance Institute for Highway Safety said their organizations have found no evidence that illegal immigrants who drive have had an impact on the cost of auto insurance or on accident rates. A sampling of state highway patrol agencies, including the California Highway Patrol, found local law enforcement also does not track such data.

Padilla, who has lived in the United States since he was 6 years old, said he has an otherwise clean driving record and recognizes the seriousness of his actions. But he hopes one misdemeanor doesn't overshadow the good moral character he has displayed throughout his life.

"It was a serious mistake," he said of the dui lawyer price range DUI. "At the same time, I have done so much in this country: I have excelled, I'm an honor-roll student, I've been involved with community service, and to be defined by one mistake does not do justice to who I am."

Padilla, the middle child of five, came to the United States from Jalisco, Mexico, with his parents. He graduated high school and is currently a senior at the University of Illinois-Chicago.

In December, Immigration and Customs Enforcement granted a one-year stay on Padilla's deportation after members of the Chicago City Council, students, university professors and religious leaders rallied around Padilla with an intensive campaign to keep him in the country.

Advocates inundated Department of Homeland Security offices with faxes and letters on his behalf, and U.S. Rep. Jan Schakowsky, D-Ill., even introduced a private bill to grant Padilla relief.

"ICE [Immigration and Customs Enforcement] uses its discretion on a case-by-case basis, as appropriate, and has the authority to grant a deferral of a removal action based upon the merits of an individual's case and a review of specific facts," Department of Homeland Security spokesman Matt Chandler said in a said statement on Padilla's case.

Padilla faces a hearing before an immigration judge on his deferred deportation in December.

More stories from ABC News' special series "Out of the Shadows: Illegal Immigration in America"

Defenses to Drunk Driving - FindLaw

A motorist charged with a DUI or DWI (the actual charge commonly referred to as "drunk driving") has a few different options when it comes to mounting a defense. Some affirmative defenses exist in very rare circumstances, even when the evidence otherwise supports the charge. But it's more common to defend against a drunk driving charge by attacking the officer's observations of what happened prior to the arrest or challenging the integrity of the evidence, such as the accuracy of a breathalyzer test. State DUI laws differ and everyone's case has different facts, so it may help to consult with a lawyer.

Affirmative new jersey dwi Defenses to DUI Charges

1. Necessity - When a person must drive to prevent a greater evil. The driver must prove that he or she had no other options and that the "greater evil" they wished to avoid was more serious than the potential harm caused by a DUI.

2. Duress - When the defendant drives in order to avoid serious injury or death, he or she is doing so under duress. For example, someone forces an intoxicated person to drive by threat of force.

3. Entrapment - When an officer somehow encourages a motorist to become intoxicated or drive while under the influence, it is referred to as entrapment. The defendant must also be able to prove that he or she would not have been predisposed to drive drunk if not for the alleged entrapment.

4. Mistake of Fact - When a person has an honest belief that he or she is not intoxicated. For example, having a valid reason to believe that the impairing effect of one's prescription medication has worn off.

5. Involuntary Intoxication - When a person has ingested alcohol without his or her knowledge. For example, if the punchbowl at a party was "spiked" with an otherwise unrecognizable quantity of liquor.

Common Drunk Driving Defenses

1. Improper Stop - This is one of the most common arguments used by defense attorneys in DUI cases, and involves the claim that the officer lacked probable cause to make the initial traffic stop.

2. Administration / Accuracy of Field Sobriety Test - An arrest may be ruled improper if it was based on an improperly administered field sobriety test or inaccurate results. The horizontal gaze nystagmus (HGN) test, which detects eye movements often associated with intoxication, is frequently challenged.

3. Administration / Accuracy of Portable Breathalyzer Test - The attorney may challenge the administration of the breathalyzer test used at the scene (i.e. was the officer properly trained?) or whether there were intervening factors such as vomiting or indigestion. Also, the defense may question whether the breath test device was properly calibrated and maintained.

4. Administration / Accuracy dui attorney of Standard Breathalyzer Test - Similar defense to #3, but pertaining to the more accurate breath test devices used at the police station after an arrest is made.

5. Administration / Chain of Custody of Blood Test - This defense raises questions about the administration of a blood test and/or whether it was tampered with or otherwise mishandled in the chain of custody.

6. Rising Blood Alcohol Concentration - Defense claims the BAC was below the legal limit while the defendant was driving but actually increased between the time of the traffic stop and the administration of the breath test. This is possible when recently consumed alcohol has yet to fully absorb into the system until the time of the BAC test.

Other, Less Common Defenses

1. Accused was not the Driver - Questions may arise over whether the person charged with the DUI actually was driving at the time. Perhaps the passenger, believing he or she was sober, switched places with the driver but failed a sobriety or breath test.

2. Stephen Lukach's map homepageImproper Police Actions - This defense may include evidence and/or testimony that the officer violated the defendant's civil rights, faked a DUI report or otherwise acted improperly.

Talk to an Attorney About DUI Defenses for Free

Even if you think you may have been at least a little inebriated when you were pulled over and arrested for driving under the influence, you still have the right dwi lawyer near me to a defense. In order to protect your rights and get the best outcome possible, it's in your best interests to contact a DUI/DWI attorney for a free case evaluation. A DUI attorney will be able to discuss possible defenses with you and your options moving forward.


Hiring a Criminal Attorney for a Criminal Lawsuit by Peter Rowan

In the legal world, there are two major types of cases. One is a civil lawsuit and the other is a criminal lawsuit. A civil lawsuit is a case or a dispute between two parties. But a criminal lawsuit, on the other hand, involves the state or the Federal Government and hence can have very dangerous consequences if ignored. Criminal lawsuits and cases require special attention and careful inspection of the minute details of the case, if the defendant wishes to avoid any serious jail term. This is not possible based on the self knowledge of the defendant alone. This is why if one is dwi attorneys involved in a criminal case, it is better to call in for the services of a reputed attorney like the Anoka criminal lawyer.

Criminal Lawsuits do not just involve murder and other serious cases. They also involve the minor ones like Driving under Influence or DUI. The cases of the first type are called felonies, while the second ones are called misdemeanors. Compared to felonies, misdemeanors like DUI have easier punishments, but the risk of warranting an arrest should never be taken. They can sometimes add up to jail terms and heavy fines. Most people make the mistaken assumption that they can defend themselves in such cases. This can prove to be very harmful. A distinguished attorney like the Anoka DWI attorney can help in avoiding any sort of punishment in these cases and also help get people back on the track in their lives. A criminal lawyer is well proficient in such types of cases and can notice their weaknesses. This helps sometimes to dismiss the case in the beginning itself. An Anoka criminal attorney also knows the ways through the complex legal corridors and can help in approaching thepolice or investigating committee and studying the evidence existing.

DUI cases are far more common and often a cause of concern for the plaintiffs involved. If the plaintiff is involved in more DUI cases, the chances of losing their license or time in jail are made possible. It is imperative for plaintiffs to apply the services of lawyers who specialize in these cases like the Anoka DWI dwi lawyer lawyer. These DUI lawyers have ability and proficiency to understand medical evidence and study their flaws to help the plaintiff escape a jail sentence or a very heavy fine. They can also help in negotiating with the DMV (Department of Motor Vehicles) to prevent the red carding of license or any such matter. The hiring of an Anoka DWI Attorney helps one to understand the legal charges against them, their complications and a way out of the present problem.

Any criminal case has high tension and stress levels. They are a cause of severe emotional distress for the plaintiffs. An Anoka DUI lawyer can help in reducing this stress level and help the plaintiff get acquitted at an easier cost. With an Anoka DWI lawyer or an Anoka criminal lawyer, one can be sure of them withholding the client-attorney privilege and maintaining the secrecy of the entire case. Also, it is better not to disclose details of the case with anyone at any time, as it can be used in court as evidence. The trust level in an Anoka criminal attorney is also high and the name is credible in legal circles.


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